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This is not journalism. This is hatred

 This is not journalism. This is hatred. Who are the editor in chiefs? Who is the publisher of this newspaper? How come this article past the desks of respected journalists and they allow it printed it?

Why allow a man who should be ashamed that he is of the same age with Peter Obi make such write up and have it printed?

Why use the word "obituary"? In a national dailies like the Nation?

We need to know our boundaries in this country. I have come to learn that most educated persons are not mature and respectful as it is expected of them. 

If you don't support Peter Obi, at least give honour and respect to whom it should be given to. This is so sad please! 

Tueh to poor journalism!!!!

- Olivia Udara

Loveth Ogedegbe: Tuesday, 2 August 2022 at 8/02/2022 04:44:00 pm


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