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Suicide: I was defrauded of N450million — Actress Ummi Zee

Days after sharing a disturbing post on IG about contemplating suicide, Nollywood actress Ummi Ibrahim, popularly known as Ummi Zee Zee, has revealed she became depressed after losing N450million to a business partner. 

Speaking in an interview with Voice of America (Hausa Service), she said, “The reason for my post was because one Igbo man from the Niger Delta, with whom I started crude oil business, said there’s a certain amount of money I had to give for us to start the business, and that I will make half payment and then give the remaining later.

I didn’t know the man is a fraudster. He defrauded me of huge amount of money and ran away. I sent him N450 million in dollars and he left with it. I called his number severally but it is switched off. When I checked his social media accounts, I found out that he had blocked me in all of them.

I now live in Lagos. It was here that I met him and this is not the first time I had done business with him. What surprised me was that he came with some Europeans to prove to me that the business was real and a serious one. So, I never believed he will cheat me.” [Swipe]

Loveth Ogedegbe: Tuesday, 6 April 2021 at 4/06/2021 11:44:00 pm


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