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Nigerian brands that shot their adverts abroad will pay N100k each time it is aired locally - FG


Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has announced that Nigerian brands who shot their adverts abroad will now pay N100k each time it is aired on local TV stations in the country. 


Lai Mohammed who made the announcement on NTA’s ‘Good Morning Nigeria’ programme on Monday March 29, added that Nigerian brands who also shot their adverts abroad and placed it in international TV stations will also pay same amount which will go to the Content Development Fund.


The Minister further revealed that the new rule is embedded in the amended broadcasting code.


He said; 


“Let’s assume you have brought in La Liga, and during the matches, Guinness is advertised, we will compel you, we will compel Guinness to also advertise when we are playing a local league. 

“That is the only way we can grow this industry but as can be expected, we have had very few supporters.

“If you do an advert in South Africa, you put it on CNN and we look at that advert and we see that the advert was not made in Nigeria but actually made in South Africa, or you see that five times a day, it is on CNN, you pay half a million to us. The half a million will go to the Content Development Fund.

“What is common today is to see products made in Nigeria but the advert for those products are actually probably done in South Africa or in the US.

“So, we amended the code to say that if a product you want to advertise in Nigeria territory is made in Nigeria, grown in Nigeria or processed in Nigeria, then you must make sure that the advert is also produced in Nigeria.

“Gulder is made, processed in Nigeria. If you go to South Africa to produce an advert which you are going to air to Nigerians because Nigerians consume Gulder, what we have amended the code to say is that for every time that advert is aired in Nigeria either on radio or television, you pay a fine of N100,000.

“We are not stopping you from making your production in America or South Africa but if you are going to advertise in Nigerian territory, you will pay a fine of N100,000.

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