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Dangote’s blood money BY Abimbola Adelakun


I read Abimbola Adelakun’s thought-provoking article with the above caption published on March 4, 2021.

Thank you for your contributions towards a better Nigeria.

It’s indeed sad that the country is confronted daily with myriads of challenges, mostly self-inflicted and man-made disasters. Road traffic crashes are a daily occurrence due largely to bad state of most roads, mechanical and human factors.

It’s appalling that Dangote Group would offer to pay a paltry sum of N500,000 for a human life! This is morally reprehensible especially on the part of those managing the company. 

This again exemplifies the level of impunity across all levels; public or private lives  in Nigeria: what I call the attitude of nothing-will-happen after all. In saner climes, companies pay huge premium on insurance policies to underwrite tortious liabilities (huge compensations ) that are often paid for negligence and other business-related risks.

 In the event of such occurrences, most companies would make frantic efforts to pay substantial compensations to avoid reputational damage and litigations that accompany such incidents. 

They would take legitimate means to avoid falling under the hammer of punitive damages that are often awarded by courts. Unfortunately, here in Nigeria, going to courts comes with several issues such as delay in the dispensation of justice, endemic corruption at all levels, weak institutions among others. 

Thus, Dangote Group for example won’t even imagine paying as low as 1,000,000 British Pounds as compensation if the accident resulting in the loss of life were to occur in London or other civilised countries with strong institutions that function seamlessly.  

The difference in my opinion is the presence or absence of strong/weak institutions.

Until we all get to a point where we can collectively say NO to Impunity and YES to Accountability, we may not witness any meaningful changes as a nation.

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