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Abductions: US Remains Committed To Tackling Security Challenges In Nigeria – Official


The Principal Deputy Spokesperson, United States Department of states, Jalina Porter, has reiterated  the commitment of the United States of America to tackling Boko haram terrorism and other security challenges in Nigeria.

Porter said this at a recent press briefing also said the United States is concerned about the uptick in kidnappings especially and mass abductions for ransom.

She said the US will continue to support safety and security  especially when it comes to children and people who have been targeted for kidnappings

She said, “When it comes to just overall safety and security in the region, specifically to Nigeria and Uganda,  we will continue to support safety and security when it comes to – especially when it comes to children and people who have been targeted for kidnappings.

“And we remain concerned, especially in Nigeria, when it comes to an uptick in their kidnappings, especially for ransom.

We’ll also say that the United States remains engaged to respond to all the security challenges in Africa, specifically when it comes to Nigeria and Uganda as well, and the State Department currently funds the majority of U.S. Government peace and security assistance in Africa and remains committed to these efforts.

Porter noted that diplomatic and security engagement with U.S. partners in Africa advances the US interests and values and  enhances  alliances and partnerships in Africa through diplomatic development.

She added that security initiatives only enables us to better protect and serve interests .


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