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COVID-19 Vaccines Procurement - BUA, CACOVID and Public Interest


BUA, a foods, mining and infrastructure company founded by Nigerian Billionaire and Philantropist, Abdul Samad Rabiu has today paid for 1million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for Nigerians to be delivered within 14days and to also be distributed at no cost to Nigerians. 

This was done through the Afrexim vaccine programme

This won’t be the first time BUA and Abdul Samad is taking the lead in Covid-19 interventions in Nigeria. BUA was the first private company to donate money to the CACOVID private sector coalition when they donated 1billion naira upon the forming of the coalition. Abdul Samad Rabiu’s BUA has today committee over N10billion on various interventions from providing ambulances to over 18states to 3million meals across Nigeria, setting up a permanent 200bed facility in Kano, awareness campaigns on TV locally and internationally, over 1million cloth masks amongst other things. 

Now Nigeria can start vaccinating its frontline workers and citizens against the virus.

Loveth Ogedegbe: Tuesday, 9 February 2021 at 2/09/2021 07:51:00 pm


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