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Nigerian man and his Ghanaian counterpart escape from prison in Accra

Two prison suspects, who were facing criminal charges and are on remand at the Abokobi Police Cells near Adenta in the Greater Accra Region, have escaped under very strange circumstances.

The prison suspects namely, Chukuda Onyabu – a Nigerian, 27, and Emmanuel Osei – a Ghanaian, 26, who were facing various charges of Possession of Narcotic Drugs and Conspiracy to Commit Crime and Stealing, respectively; had escaped from the cells.

The VanguardGh reports that, the suspects escaped on the eve of Friday, January 1, 2021, through a very small opening after they managed to remove one of the cement blocks from the wall. They did so by using an iron rod used at the ventilation hole of the bathroom’s door of the cell to scrape a portion of the Cell’s Wall and removed one of the blocks and escaped through the hole created.

However, search efforts are underway to recapture the escapees.

Bibiyobra: Saturday, 9 January 2021 at 1/09/2021 08:33:00 pm


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