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My marriage …with Bishop Umoh

For how long have you been married?

I have been married for seven years.

Can you remember how you meet your wife?

Oh yes! I met my wife at a wedding. I was the compere while she was on the bridal train. Due to her role at the wedding, it was easy for me to interface with her; we kept communicating and we subsequently exchanged contact and the rest as they day is history.

For how long did you date?

We didn’t date for long. We dated for less than a year before we got married.

What attracted you to your wife?

Universally, the very point of attraction would be a physical one. What determines the longevity of the relationship is the quality of the human you have come to learn.  She was beautiful and still beautiful, she caught my attention and we got talking. Then my attention got heightened. I began to find out that my longing for her company was growing all the time high and increasing by the day. When you begin to find three hours like five minutes, you know that something is brewing.

What lessons have you learnt from your marriage?

We learn every day. Marriage is actually a playground for tolerance within the province of imperfection where you have to possess the virtue of tolerance. Love is a serious ingredient for the brewing of a good marriage for one to drink but love sometimes is an inadequate ingredient in what a good rollercoaster marriage is supposed to be.  If you don’t have understanding, tolerance, trust and also if you are not determined to make your marriage work, then there is going to be trouble.

You have to be a fighter, mentally and psychologically because your marital life is likely going to give you hard blows and shots that will knock you down. But you need to exhibit the act of a fighter and character to stand back up and stand your ground.  Then fight your way to the wing.

What is your advice to young people intending to marry soon?

I will recommend a critical study of the time. We live in a dynamic,  fast-changing time and morally dilapidating time where moral values are taken for granted and the things we used to hold as values are being eroded. I think one should study and ask if one is ready to take certain nonsense because in marriage you’d take plenty nonsense. Though it doesn’t mean you have to die with the nonsense, you have to have a certain elasticity.

How do you combine your career as an actor and husband at home?

My personality is dual. I have a domestic personality and a commercial one. I am a father to my child and a husband to my wife, I am not a Nollywood star to them. I am not in the home to entertain them. I play with them when need be but I still play my role as a father and husband. I know where to draw the line and the line is both thick and thin.


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