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Africa's Richest Man Sues American Lady Who Posted His Photos Online And Referred To Herself As ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’


American born Autumn Spikes weeks back shared a video of herself and the richest African man on a couch draped in an orange blanket fiddling with his mobile phone and intimate parts of his body exposed.....

She also posted pictures of Alhaji. Dangote alighting from a luxury plane in a private hanger, and described herself repeatedly as a ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’ in an apparent reference to Forbes Magazine citing him Africa's richest man.

The raunchy images were later deleted by the woman with claims that she had been flooded with requests from bloggers to comment further on her affairs with Alhaji Dangote.

She also denied that she made the alleged affair with him public to become popular but claims she was trying to clean his name from the mess earlier created by one Bea Lewis, who described herself as a restaurant operator in the United States and claimed Alhaji Dangote had broken her heart..

In a lawsuit filed in an American court in Miami, Florida,Alhaji Dangote seeks compensation of $30,000 with the claim that his reputation was battered by the “ForbesListSugarBabe.”

Autumn Spikes took to her Instagram account and posted that he had taken the wrong turn by making the case public because additional embarrassing information about him would be published on the Internet as part of the suit.

She also Alleged that Alhaji Dangote had offered to pay her for her silence,and her rejection led to the lawsuit he filed.

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