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Why I chewed his gbola — Ghanian Lady

A Ghanian woman, Justina Donker, 24, who bit off a man’s penis during an armed robbery has spoken out about the bizarre incident.

According to her, she was being robbed by Emmanuel Ankron, 23, when he demanded that she carried out a coital act on him. She obliged then managed to bite off her attacker's phallus in Ghana.



According to the police, Emmanuel entered the victim’s room at Abompey new site, a suburb of Obuasi, drugged and had s*x with her. The victim told investigators she woke up to find the suspect with a cutlass and pistol aimed at her. He was stealing cash, a television and her mobile.

Bibiyobra: Tuesday, 10 November 2020 at 11/10/2020 07:49:00 am


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