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Video: Apostle Chinyere shocks beneficiaries of OPM university scholarship as he acquired multi Million Naira Building


There was  wide jubilations by the students beneficiaries of OPM university scholarships in turkey today as the General Overseer Omega Power Ministries, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere 

acquired a multi million Naira property to accommodate them in turkey.

Apostle Chinyere whose benevolence nature led him to travel with the students to make sure they were properly settled, have been away for weeks. This is a man who thinks and care about others than himself.

According to Apostle  Chinyere " Because of the cost of paying rent so i decided to buy this house to accommodate the children", he said

The house according to Apostle Chinyere is 7 bedroom  fully detached  duplex.

For the past ten years, Omega Power Ministries as a church have been sending people on scholarships to United states of America, South Africa, Canada and United Kingdom. And so  many of those who graduated abroad on scholarships have gotten jobs and have been supporting their families and the church while those who  graduated in Nigerian Universities on OPM scholarships only very few have gotten jobs while some is   jobless and still remained  a burden to their families and the church. This is the reason why the General Overseer Omega Power Ministries, Apostle Chinyere  decided to invest more to give many Nigerians foreign university scholarships to enable them finish and contribute meaningfully to their family and the church.

You may wish to recall that 16 students who were recipients of Omega Power Ministries (OPM) foreign university scholarships  left for Turkey in January this year while about 46 more students joined them three weeks ago of which God's servant Apostle  Chinyere traveled with them to ensure they are comfortable.

After noticing  the high cost of accommodations in turkey, Apostle Chinyere who have a golden heart and cares very much for humanity purchased a building few meters away from the University in Turkey for the comfort of the students.

" The house was bought for them to stay and go to school from there and at least there will be no more paying of rent", Apostle Chinyere says.

It will interest people to know that their school fees and resident permit have all been paid. In addition, Apostle Chinyere have paid for their books for one year.

Apostle Chinyere also bought washing machines, driers, televisions, fridge , bed etc for them to be comfortable in Turkey.

Also in order to ensure the adequate well being of those students studying in Turkey, Apostle Chinyere has employed the services of an Educationists and a retired Director in Ministry of Defense in Nigeria to take care of the students in Turkey. Her Visa has been processed, flight ticket paid by Apostle Chinyere waiting to depart Nigeria to Turkey next week.

All these were funded from tithe and offering to the Glory of God. God bless our Papa and all OPM members 


See more pictures and video below:

See  video 

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