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NYSC: Meet ABU, The Shortest NYSC Corp Member Ever

 Just on 10th of November 2020 the Camp ground for National Youth Service Corp members (NYSC) was opened for students who had registered and where ready for service.

The NYSC candidate always visit the Camp ground for two weeks before they are being dispatch to their various Places of assignment (PPA).

In Abuja Camp ground Abu have been identified for this stature and height.

Abu is one of the people who one can refer to as been short, infact he might be the shortest in the Camp.

But his courage and strength is what I observed, despite being short and brief with height, he continued his education even in school relentlessly, he didn't stop halfway because of the mockery many would have made of him.

This shows us that we can really achieve anything, if we put our hearts to it.

Abu is a graduate of library and information technology from the Federal University of Technology Minna.

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