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Kanye West Accepts Defeat In US Presidential Election, Sets Sights On 2024

 Popular record producer, rapper, and presidential candidate under the American Independent Party, Kanye West, has conceded defeat in the ongoing US election.

Kanye admitted defeat in a tweet and also hinted at a possible second attempt at the presidential election in 2024.

“KANYE 2024.” the tweet read

He obtained more than a thousand votes in all of the 12 contests he was in, according to preliminary tallies by news media outlets.

Kanye get nearly 6,000 votes in Colorado, a state that went to Biden who took 55.8 percent of the total tallied votes. In Vermont, another state that went to Biden, West got more than 1,200 votes, according to the tally.

However, he proved most popular in Tennessee, where 10,195 voters came out to cast their votes in support of him. Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t exceed more than 0.4% of any state’s vote.

The rapper had announced earlier Tuesday via his Twitter handle that he voted for himself, the first time he had cast a ballot in a US presidential election.

“God is so good … Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust…me,” he tweeted

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