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Backless Dress: "Actress Rahama Sadau Wasn't Arrested & Wasn't Sentenced To Death"


Personal assistant to the president on new media Bashir Ahmad has debunked reports that Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has been

sentenced to death for blasphemy.

 It was rumoured on social media on Tuesday that the embattled actress was arrested by the police and had been sentenced to death after backless photos of her caused a storm earlier in the month.

“I don’t see any good intention in spreading the fake news about Rahama Sadau, I have said it before and I am saying it now, @PoliceNG didn’t arrest Rahama or anyone else,” Ahmad tweeted on Tuesday.

“Any news about her arrest or her being sentenced to death should be regarded as fake news 

A man Lawal Gusau had petitioned the Inspector-General of Police over the controversy generated by Rahama’s dress.

The petitioner in a press release on November 7 gave four conditions for Rahama’s case to be resolved.

He said the police should convey her to a Sharia court, her lawyers must be Muslims, renowned Islamic scholars like Isa Pantami should be the judge of the day and that Arewa lawyers should not defend Rahama.

The actress was forced to delete the pictures. She also made a video where she apologised and defended her religion.

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