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Lawmaker’s aide breaks into another lawmaker's office to steal dollars


A legislative aide, Kabir Lawal, has been caught breaking into another member's office in the House of Representatives. 

The aide who works with  Mustafa Saidu (PDP/Adamawa), broke into the office of Kano State lawmaker,  Kabiru Idris on Friday. 

The culprit was apprehended with the aid of a Closed Circuit Television camera.

Kabiru Idris who Chairs the House Committee on Civil Society Organisations and Donor Agencies, disclosed that the legislative aide to one of his colleagues allegedly broke into his office on the fourth floor after using several keys, barely 15 minutes after he left the office.

The lawmaker said:  "He put off the light in my office but I was able to keep an eye on it. I set my cameras live. I could see him online. He used different keys. I could see from the camera, he was struggling to open the door and this was less than 15 minutes after I closed from the office. Basically, he was monitoring my movement. There and then, we now saw how he came into the office. We have all the videos.”

The suspect has been handed over to the National Assembly management for further action.

Bibiyobra: Saturday, 10 October 2020 at 10/10/2020 04:04:00 pm


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