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EndSARS: Okowa Creates 8 Man Commitee To Investigate Cases Of Police Brutality

 The delta state governor Senator doctor Ifeanyi Okowa has swiftly created an eight man committee which will be inagurated on Monday.

The commitee which consist of notable persons from different sectors of the economy will take charge of complains and review all cases of SARS illegal killings/touture in the state.

The chairman of the commitee is Hon. Celestina Ogosi, the committee also consist of human right activist Harrison Gwannishu and Instagram influnfer Mr jolof.

This is a good development, I urge all other states to be swift in their response also so that the victims can get justice.

If you reside in delta state and you're a victim of SARS or police brutality, this is the time to speak up.


Bibiyobra: Saturday, 17 October 2020 at 10/17/2020 07:42:00 am


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