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AbdulRazaq seeks stakeholders’ support for peace in Kwara

Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq has held meetings with Elders of the All Progressives Congress as well as leaders of thought across the state in a bid to secure their support for his administration’s peace building efforts.

The meeting which was held in Ilorin on Wednesday, was held at the instance of the governor. He appealed to the leaders to unite and support government policies in order to ensure that miscreants do not take over the state.

He held a similar meeting with first class traditional rulers a few days before.

A statement signed by Chief Press Secretary, Rafiu Ajakaye, quoted the governor as telling those at the meeting held behind closed doors that, “It is time to speak with one voice that we should resolve our grievances without burning down the country.

“The #EndSARS protest started well and the protesters are within their right to express their grievances. However, all indications point at the fact that what started as a peaceful protest has been hijacked by some other interests.

“We need to ensure that our state remains peaceful as it has been. The protest here has been very peaceful and I even joined them, except for a pocket of unfortunate incidents which are now under control. Now is the time to disallow persons with selfish interests from causing harm to our country.

“Let us speak to our younger ones to give peace a chance. We should not bring down our country. I urge you to use your influence to talk to the people on the imperative of peace.”


He referenced how nations like Liberia, Libya, and Egypt and Syria have not recovered from their civil wars which crippled their economies and rendered their citizens as refugees in other countries of the world.

“We really do not want something like this to happen to us,” AbdulRazaq said.

Bibiyobra: Friday, 23 October 2020 at 10/23/2020 07:18:00 pm


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