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BBNaija Season 5 .Ozo's Sister Rants About The Negative Press He Is Getting For Stalking Housemate Nengi..

According to her;

Hi everyone I'm Aj, Ozo's elder sister. I feel I would be a tremble sister if I don't talk about all the negative things spreading
about my brother, Ozo , most especially through out this week.

"First of all, We are all humans we have our weaknesses and strength, there are certain things that make us stand out to people, good or bad. And there are some places things are not necessarily bad or maybe for a reason, people don't like the fact that we are that way, and in this case you know what I’m talking about with my brother.

I want remind people that, we on the outside are living a real world, the big brother house and everything there is good, it's a great platform, we are honestly grateful that he's there. It's for young people, trying to start up their careers.

My brother grew up with three sisters and my mother so he’s always had compassion. Care, compassion and concern those are the three strongest emotions that drive him. And sometimes this can be seen as a weakness for him because he is used to sharing all of that amongst his sisters , mum and friends.

The number of people he has bonded with in that house is very small so somehow he has to share that amount of care and attention among smaller number of people and it wouldn't be the same thing.

It's honestly mind bugging that people are twisting that into a negative, ugly thing. People calling him crip, pest, some said get a restraining order, another went far as saying that he should have been aborted, very mean words, that globally it's not possibly the worst a person could do to another person.

This is someone who over time and time again has delivered on presentations, versatility, team spirit, who can truly work with anyone to produce the best possible thing he could produce. He delivered winning games, his trivials back to back, and then one thing is perceived that is being out of place and wipe all the good things he has done and turned him into an horrible person.

We are all humans, we are all flawed, we are all with our strength and weakness but we have the good fortune of not being filmed and photographed for the world to see and be around all elements of our social support

So please along with the hate we have definitely seen all the love and we are very grateful for the people who have stood by him, and all of that. Now no one is forcing you to like him, hell!, The video will probably still get bashed because not everybody is a preacher of love, you don't have to love but you can honestly ask your self this question, "would you really do things that different if you are honestly in that position? Would you honestly be so certain that everything about you is going to rub people off the wrong way? And really does the crime fit the punishment that he's getting, is it really a crime? Those it warranty all those ugly names towards him?

If you can answer all of that, and honestly still want to throw and drag slander, thats fine, God would keep blessing you but to all the people who don't honestly know what's going on just that you can't understand because you ain't in that position.

We beg that you keep supporting him, we beg that you try to be human, most importantly share love and not hate. We love you, God bless."

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