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Beautiful Young Woman Left Unrecognizable After Rollerblading Accident (Photos)

A young woman who was rollerblading and talking on her phone suffered a freak accident, leaving her unrecognizable.

Aline Palla Acosta, 27, was rollerblading on a road in Pompano Beach, Florida, when she was struck by an out-of-control car that then slammed into a tree.

The car was traveling at such speed that it split in half on impact. The girl was so severely injured that she was left “unrecognizable” after she was struck by the vehicle.

Aline was reportedly using her smartphone when the accident occurred. The part-time model was killed instantly after the car pinned her against a concrete pole.

First responders could not even guess the young woman’s age because her body was so badly mangled, authorities said.

The driver of the car, 25-year-old Endail Thomas, and his passenger Melissa Gregoir, 37, were thrown from the vehicle. Thomas and Gregoir survived the gruesome crash and were taken to hospital.

Aline, who was from Brazil, was described by friends as “beautiful and kind.” She was a “fitness fanatic” and she loved to exercise and rollerblade.

According to police, the victim was rollerblading along the road, when a speeding silver Nissan lost control and slammed into a tree. After hitting the tree, parts of the car flew into a fence, while the other half landed in the road.

Aline Palla Acosta was caught in the middle. She was struck by flying pieces of twisted metal from the vehicle.

The pretty Brazilian was crushed between the flying debris and a concrete pole.

Cell phone video taken of the scene was too graphic to be shown on the news uncensored. Reportedly the footage showed the girl’s severed limbs laying in nearby grass.

A witness to the accident, Brad Michael, said that a black SUV was chasing the car that crashed, just before it struck the tree.

The vehicles were traveling over 100 mph, Michael told news station WFOR.

“I saw the car split in two, bodies laying in the street,” he said. “I feel for the family of the rollerblader.”

Another man who witnessed the bloody collision said the young woman was struck with such force that parts of her body were torn off.

“The car hit the girl so hard that she was pulverized,” he said. “I believe she was killed instantly.”

Fitness-loving model Aline Palla Acosta worked as a cashier at health food store Smoothie Jungle Cafe. She moved from Brazil to the US when she was a teenager.

Her friends are raising money to send her remains back to Brazil.

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