Scenes and sounds from youths protest against Police brutality #End-SARS in Port Harcourt

 It is no longer news that Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike had through the commissioner for communications and information, Hon Paulinus Nsirim on October 12, 2020 released a statement warning parents and guardians to caution their kids not to embark on  the planned protest  because the federal government had on Sunday dissolved/disbanded SARS. 

The statement said law enforcement agencies have been directed to enforce the ban and “bring violators to book.”

Protesters, however on Tuesday morning, marched from pleasure park on Aba Road in port harcourt to the State Government House, where the protest leaders were expected to present their grievances against police brutality, to the Rivers State government.

Port Harcourt-Aba Road  down to government house stood still as the protesters walked, ran, jumped and even rolled  on the floor as they chanted and sang different tunes from  “Solidarity forever! Solidarity forever! Solidarity forever!” the crowd of protesters sang as they marched through the road.

Some of the protesters said it would be a great relief for Nigerian citizens if SARS officials are deployed to Sambisa forest to fight Boko Haram terrorists, instead of brutalising innocent citizens.

WE often label youths as our saviour and future leaders. This was most evident during the #End-SARS  movement as  game-changers came out in the city of port Harcourt . 

They responded positively. They came out and peacefully protested against #Sarsbrutality. University, college students and professionals braved challenges the protest to fight for their rights.

Youths’ spirit inspired the nation as most of the youths claimed they’re doing what they’re parents couldn’t do, the protest spirit was electric as not one violence was reported in the protest.

Are we seeing a different breed of Nigerian youths? Is this the Nigerian Dream? If this is the democratic revolution that we always heard of, then it was truly televised. 

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