Reality Star Erica Reveals In New Interview That Billionaire Son Kiddwaya Is Her Best Friend...

BBNaija season 5 ex housemate Erica Nlewedim sat down for an Interview with Ovation Magazine Boss Dele Momodu on Sunday and they talked about
emotions,regrets and Billionaire son Kiddwaya whom she had a thing with while in Big brother Naija house....

Dele - Could you tell us about yourself, the bad and good?

Erica - I'm the only child, I live in Lagos, I attended four primary schools because we kept on relocating. I went to command secondary School, Vgs, and I attended covenant University.

I studied Business administration, at the age of 19, During my Nysc I started staying alone, I decided to live on my own.

Dele- what does it feel like being an only child

Erica - it feels boring, I'm always on my own but I'm used to it.

Dele- Your journey to the big brother house was it out of boredom or you have always watched the show

Erica - I have not seen myself as one who could survive in Bbnaija house. I never actually watched it , I normally follow the highlights on social media and gists on blogs. I'll just be like " No oh who would vote for me? Because am so emotional by the I cry in the first week they will just vote me out.
So for two years people kept persuading me to go for bbnaija reality show but I disagreed, I want to be an Actress.
This year, I was just at home spending all my money on foods then I said to myself why don't I just go for this show".

Dele- Can you tell us who are your friends in the house

Erica - Kidd, is my best friend

Dele- no other close friend?

Erica - I think Tolanibaj and kiddwaya

Dele- what was special about Kidd what attracted you.

Erica- I was attracted to his personality, his personality and mine just goes, nothing was forced

Dele- And you are ready to take a bullet for him?

Erica- yeah, I am a very loyal person, if you are my friend no boy can disrespect you around me. I'm just loyal

Dele- Even if it gets you into trouble?

Erica- Laughing* I get carried away sometimes, but that's how it has always been. I'm very loyal.

Dele- Kid said nice things as well about you, I saw that you both partied last night.

Erica- I was hiding, I was really hiding

Dele- a gold fish has no hiding place, what was going

Erica- I had to come through by my friend, I was invited.

Dele- what was it like when you guys met?

Erica- Normal, I'm used to seeing him.

Dele- since you left the house what have you found about yourself, him and other housemates.

Erica - I have learnt not to be too trusting, because I think I'm too trusting. Sometimes it's good to use your head more than your heart, stop being too emotional.
I learnt to be comfortable and not lean on someone else for my happiness. I have been working on myself. Take control of my emotions an not letting it get the best of me. I think that is my biggest lessons and I'm grateful for the opportunity to discover all about myself

Dele- what are your regrets

Erica- everything I ever regretted was being too emotional. Acting out of emotions. I know I am in a better place now, I'm growing up.

Dele- Do you see yourself as a romantic woman

Erica- Yeah I am a very romantic person, I think everyone knows that, I have shown it

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