Normalcy returns to the hotel where Governor wike of Rivers state lodged

Orange had earlier on reported that about 300 police men besieged the hotel where the governor of Rivers state, Governor Wike Lodged. (Click here)

Confirmed report reaching us from the press secretary to the Governor, is that the police men has been called to order by their superiors, the besiegement has been since ceased and normalcy had returned to the hotel where the governor is lodging.

The governor thanks all for their patriotism and urge all to come out  to vote for their preferred candidate, urging everybody to wear their Jeans .


  1. APC fights dirty, may God frustrate all their antics today, Edo people must breathe well

  2. It was a show of shame but To God be the glory. God has put the enemies to shame. God must win .

  3. What kind of besiege on the Eve of election day. Nigeria looking progress politically as many African countries are but all thing tend to be ambiguous. The more you see the less you understand.

  4. Wike the mathematician in politics