“If you don’t pay us a $100 billion for damages we will demand more.

The founder and C.E.O of Africa’s No. 1 most trusted and reliable holistic health, beauty and wellness company, SURUKA NATURES GIFT ENTERPRISES is demanding that GOD IS GOOD LOGISTICS pays the sum of $100 billion in damages for the delay, loss and mishandling of customer orders.

According to a top staff working with Suruka Natures Gift Enterprise, majority of GIG Logistics Staff and management are lazy, cruel and very incompetent.

They used to be a great company, but now they are very lax and incompetent. It is so sad that they have become the No. 1 enemy of small businesses and e-commerce in Nigeria. In my own opinion the government should withdraw their license. I don’t think they are mature and capable enough to operate and handle a courier service and logistic company in Nigeria.

He went further to state the following:

"Before now we wrote them a petition and demanded that they pay the sum of 10 million naira in damages but they refused to comply. This time around we will demand $100 billion and even more.

“We have been patiently waiting for them to do the needful since the incident took place. We have called and written them petitions several times but all efforts have proven abortive.”

They have been doing this for years and intentionally punishing their customers and delaying orders.

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