Young Lady Sunbathing At Beach Is Run Over By Runaway Tractor

A relaxing day at the lake came to an unfortunate end, after a young lady who was sunbathing on the beach was killed by a runaway tractor.

Mercedes Kohlhardt, 21, was lying down at the beach in Clear Lake State Park in Iowa when she was run over by a government-owned tractor.

The unmanned tractor had rolled down a hill and crushed the young college student as she was tanning herself, according to a news release.

The girl was dragged under the vehicle and was “badly mangled” by the heavy machinery, according to the report.

She suffered “severe injuries” to her upper body and was pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesman said that the utility tractor was used by government workers “to clear brush and fallen branches,” local news reports.

The tractor was described as a John Deere-brand utility tractor with a rotary blade attachment for cutting bushes.

County Sheriff Kevin Pals said the tractor was sitting on top of a hill in a grassy area near the beach. Brakes on the tractor were applied, but it started rolling down the hill.

“I have no idea why that tractor went loose,” Sheriff Pals said.

Mercedes Kohlhardt was vacationing in Clear Lake with her boyfriend. She was sunbathing in the grassy area near the beach.

The girl was lying on her back at the bottom of the hill, tanning herself, when without any warning she was run over by the runaway tractor.

She was struck by both sets of wheels and was dragged under the vehicle, according to the incident report.

The young lady’s upper body was caught in the tractor’s rotary blade attachment and was “badly mangled,” the report said.

The 21-year-old college girl suffered “severe injuries” and died at the scene, according to the news release.

The incident remains under investigation

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