Ikorodu Bois Receive Yet Another Gift From International Tech Companies

Nigerian internet sensation, Ikorodu Bois have received yet another gift from RED Digital Cinema and Razer. Recall the boys received filming equipment from Netflix not long ago.

Ikorodu Bois is known for remaking multi-million videos by using everyday materials. The boys received filming equipment from Netflix after the remake of ‘Money Heist‘ trailer.

They were also invited for the premiere of ‘Extraction 2‘ movie after they did the remake of the Chris Hemsworth movie.

They have now received another filming equipment worth millions from RED Digital Cinema as well as a gaming laptop from Razer.
The internet sensations took to their social media page the share the exciting news.

The post was captioned ”Whattt! RED!! You guys are the best! Thank you @RED_Cinema. Thank you, Razer.!! @Razer its totally outstanding”

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