Lesbianism has become very rampant. A woman tried to woo me —Actress Olayode Juliana

She said,
I want to pray for us, no evil will befall us, our body will not malfunction. That's how
I went to a place and when I got there many people came around me, they said, ah Juliana,
saw people complimented my look, one particular lady she walked up to me, she said Hi, she was complimenting my look my nose my eye, everything. She asked for my digits I didn't suspect her because she's female, so I gave her my number when she called she started talking, and then I asked her where are we taking this conversation to, she then asked that she wants to be my friend (having a relationship), God forbid bad thing. I didn't know that this thing (lesbianism) is now rampant, it's terrible, it's like the poured cold water on my body, it shocked me. It's a man to a woman that I know, woman to woman is unlawful, it should never happen, it's bad

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