Encomium as Loveth Ogedgebe Clocks Plus One

Today is a very special day not only for you but also for us. 
Working on a project under your leadership is always a great fun for us. 

Your friendly behavior always helped us to overcome the difficulties we faced in any task.

Today we want you to know that you’re a wonderful boss, friend, and a perfect guide. 
In every step of work, you have always been there with us like a friend

It is a great satisfaction for us having you in our lead. By following you we feel pleasure not pressure
You are a very special person to us. Instead of treating us as a subordinate, you always treated us as a collaborator. You make a good environment in the workplace and taught us how to work in unity.  
Your Humility and Simplicity is next to none, we are humbled.

May God always shower his blessings upon you!

We have faith in your leadership.

Have a great day boss. Happy Birthday!

From Team Orange 


  1. Well done boss

  2. Your doing well

  3. This boss is fire so beautiful

  4. Women are taking over, men go really wash plate