The World Finally Bids George Floyd Farewell In Tears

 The funeral of George Floyd, an African American whose death in police custody spawned global outrage was held on Tuesday, 9th June in Houston.

The service was held at the Fountain of Praise church, attended by some 500 guests including politicians and celebrities.

The funeral came two weeks after Floyd was killed while in Minneapolis police custody as a white police officer held a knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes, his final moments filmed on phones.

Memorial services were also held in Minneapolis and North Carolina, where Mr Floyd was born.

George Floyd was fondly remembered Tuesday as “Big Floyd” — a father and brother, athlete and neighbourhood mentor, and now a catalyst for change.

After the service, Floyd’s golden casket was taken from the church driven in a motorcade to the cemetery, Houston Memorial Gardens in the Houston suburb of Pearland where he was to be entombed next to his mother, for whom he cried out as he lay dying.

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