I Don’t Need Scripts To Interpret Movie Roles - Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh also known as Osuofia, needs absolutely no introduction as he is one of the most popular actors in Nollywood. In an interview with Igbo TV, the “Ukwa” star
talks about Nollywood, role interpretations and what makes him different from others in the Nigeria movie industry.

Excerpts below.

How did acting start for you?

I never thought of acting, l would say acting to me was a gift, it just came right from my early stage of life, I was into lots of things back then it was believed that everybody in sciences we’re the brilliant one’s so I left everything that has to do with arts to creativity in my heart. I was just pursuing sciences but I discovered that no matter how I try to push it away, I mean the gift of acting, it just keeps coming back to me, just the expression I give, people laugh about it so at the end of the day the comedy aspect of me came naturally for me so I would say acting was not something I planned for, it just came naturally.

Which of your movies would you say shot you to limelight?

I think am not in the best position to answer that question myself because people love me for different movies I have done, some prefer Osuofia in London, some love Ukwa, while some people would say oh they love Omuogwu, the one I acted with Patience Ozokwor, so I can’t even say or tell anybody this is it but all the same I can tell you the one I enjoyed most economically (laughs!!!) The ones that sent me straight to the bank are the ones that attract me mostly such as Osuofia in London which is a cross-cultural drama. I like to do things very challenging. Apart from that, there is a film I did once when I was younger, it was a story that was told to me by my grandmother, so when someone brought the script that was similar to that, I loved it. I acted the lead and it was titled The King of the Jungle, I had so much attachment with that particular movie mainly because of my grandmother but I don’t know if it made it economically.

How true is it that you don’t go by scripts but interpret roles your own way?

You see when you are acting drama and you are advancing in films there are certain things that just start becoming part of you. I believe script is a guide, I interpret it in my own way, what I need is essence or the concept you want to send across but at the same time, if I interpret it my own way and you don’t like it, you can bring your own except when it becomes obscene, that is only when I will say no but once it’s within my comfort zone, it’s fine by me.

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