How a banker stole a customer’s N3bn and disappeared without a trace till date

Mr Oni, a financial consultant have taken to Twitter to narrate how a banker took a customer's money amounting to almost three billion naira and dissapeared with no trace till date.
In a tweet, he narrates, "About 10 years ago, there was a senior top bank manager in a top bank in Abuja who defrauded a top corporate customer account to the tune of over 3 Million. Yes, N3Billion just like that.

Till date, himself, wife & children are nowhere to be found.

No presence, no show off, no trace. Many were arrested but he was never found. Probably relocated.

And like someone joked, probably went for a new identity with a new face lift.

My right hand man was in the bank. He was also locked up but eventually released after their investigation and nothing traced or linked to him. His boss was smart. Pulled this off alone over time and perfected his exit."

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