Celebrating His Majesty King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III, Of Bonny kingdom as he adds one

We are heartened by your dedication towards the creation of sustainable livelihoods, your message that people should be an integral part of the fight for the eradication of poverty rings very loud.   
You have been exemplary in advocating for socially responsible conduct and we appreciate your firm stand as it regards justice .

With greatest respect and honor, we share the joy of the entire Bonny Kingdom in celebrating Your Majesty's glorious birthday, as a commemoration of the day God has graced the people of Great Bonny with the most gracious Adored King.

As you celebrate this day we pray to God that he grants you more strength so that you will continue to be the champion of peace, reconciliation and unity of all the people. 

Bonny Kingdom has continued to maintain its  world recognition and admiration due to the nobility and greatness of its King. Your Majesty's wise leadership has brought peace and happiness to Your great Kingdom; therefore, the people revere their King with high regard and respect.

In glory and majesty, we would like to forewith take this joyful opportunity to send our warmest birthday wishes to the King  His Majesty King Edward Asimini William Dappa Pepple III, May God always bestow his blessings upon Your Majesty and the people of the Bonny Kingdom.
With the greatest honor. We say Happy Birthday Your Majesty

From: Orange Team

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