Actress Anita Joseph’s Husband Celebrates 3 Years Of Fc*king Her And Filling Her Tank To The Brim

Three months after their wedding, Fast rising comedian and DJ, Michael Fisayo Olagunju, also known as MC Fish has taken to social media to celebrate 3 years of sleeping with his wife.

Iterating on how he “fills her tank” to the brim and satisfying. MC Fish celebrated Anita Joseph.

Sharing a photo of both of them, he wrote;
“I looked at my calendar and it read 8th of June 2020 , it only reminded me that I met this wonderful, funny and amazing woman @anitajoseph8 3 years ago .
A lot of people think I met u a year ago and we just met blah blah blah ….. but it actually been three years ….. 3 years of loving u
3 years of F***KING you
3 years of adoring you
3 years of supporting you
3 years of being YOUR KING
3 years of FILLING YOUR TANK . .
@anitajoseph8 I love you and I cherish you ..
We don’t even need to talk to much on how we are chopping life …………….
Jeun lo iyawo mi”

Replying him, his wife Anita wrote:

“Oh Pappy you are great… happy 3years of BLISS everything about you is great OKO MI “

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