A twitter user has revealed he is happy to see Hushpuppi has been arrested in Dubai.

The shocking news of the Instagram Billionaire came up last night. While we still await further briefing as to who and why Hushpuppi was arrested, a twitter says he is happy for the arrest.

In his words, he wrote,

"I'm happy that Hushpuppi has been caught. Alot of young people wanted his levels OF questionable wealth, at least now they know there are consequences Did you think his money was legit? If you do, I have one cream to sell to you that enlarges your pinis with one single rub.

"Wait wait... You mean I should be sad when a criminal has been caught? Come off it jere! Just because he was your role model does not mean that his actions didn't render people useless or even dead. Stop celebrating crime."

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